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Saturn 76 Studios is what I decided to name my little piece of technological heaven that I use to create my music and sound design.  I had a full tilt recording studio that I ran for 14 years, but these days I've dialed it down a bit and simplified things.  Most of my gear is digital these days, aside from my guitars and bass guitars.  I even went to an all electric drum kit.  It's so much easier to create with these awesome tools.  Please feel free to check out my music and download some if it sparks your interest.

Much Love,
Darth Skippy "The Machine"

Gear I am currently using:

Keyboards:  Novation Mininova Synth, & Yamaha Reface DX Synth.

Guitars:  Fender, Parker, Ibanez Basses, Music Man Basses, Epiphone, Yamaha, Electra Guitar (1980 Working Man).

Drums:  YAMAHA DTX6K3-X Electronic Drum Kit.

Guitar Amps:  Vox Super Beetle Mini, Yamaha THR10II Amp / Interface, Fender Rumble 40 Bass Amp.

Guitar Effects Pedals:  Boss SY-200 Synth Pedal, Digitech Whammy, & Electro Harmonix Micro POG.

Recording Software & Plug ins:  Garageband and assorted plug ins (Most Updated Version).

Interface & Outboard Mixing Gear: Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 and Yamaha MG06 6 channel mixer, Mackie 4 channel headphone amp.

Mics: Audio Technica AT5050 and assorted mics, as well as a Blue Snowball.