Transformers The Terminator - Enemy of my Enemy

by John Barber, Tom Waltz and David Mariotte


It's Skynet vs. Cybertron in a crossover for the ages 1984: When a deadly race of machines emerge from another time, will a robotic guardian be able to protect the Earth from a dire future... or will the T-800 fail in his mission to prevent the world from becoming a plaything to the Decepticons? The T-800, last hope of its kind, has travelled back to 1984 to destroy the Cybertronians before they can awaken and subjugate his future. But when the Ark systems start to bring the Autobots and Decepticons back online, what will he do against two armies? It's up to one Terminator to save the future and nothing's gonna stand in his way


This is a great comic and has only beed read through one time.  It is in mint condition.  Pick this one up today and enjoy.  A really awesome read.

Transformers The Terminator - Enemy of my Enemy (Comic)

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